Intergenerational Activities

Play is Good for Young AND Old

We've always known it.  Play is good for young and old.  Children learn new skills, Seniors practice old skills.  Both enjoy the exercise benefits and have fun.  Both practice problem solving.  Both laugh.  You don't have to study this to know it's good and it's right. But if you DO need to study this.  If you'd
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Bob Jones – My Inspiration

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignnone" width="300"] Is there a treasure in that pocket, Grandpa Bob?[/caption] Before Gentog opened it's doors it was a dream.  It took several months of planning to figure out what kind of business Murt and I would build.  We knew we wanted to do it, but it was scary to leave the security of
Gentog History

Gentog’s First Post

We've been open for 28 months now.  There are so many stories to tell.  Funny stories.  Sad stories.  Heartwarming tales from our intergenerational activities.  So how best to tell them? I guess it's time to jump into the world of blogging.  People who are interested can read.  Murt and I can share our stories.  Perhaps we'll