Intergenerational Activities

Play is Good for Young AND Old

We've always known it.  Play is good for young and old.  Children learn new skills, Seniors practice old skills.  Both enjoy the exercise benefits and have fun.  Both practice problem solving.  Both laugh.  You don't have to study this to know it's good and it's right. But if you DO need to study this.  If you'd
Marcie's Books, Parkinson's Club

Book for Daddy

My Daddy has Parkinson's.  It is slowly taking away everything.  His eyesight is failing.  His walking has become very difficult...he uses a walker always, and will probably need to use a wheelchair in the near future.  He has difficulty completing basic tasks of daily living.  In the evenings even his thinking fails him, and he
Inspirations, Parkinson's Club

Driving a Tractor, Daddy?

If you follow the Gentog Facebook page, you know that we've been having a great time this week on a special project.  We have been interviewing each Gentog senior, asking the question "What was your favorite job?" and we've asked each child "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  We write the
Parkinson's Club

PD Club – Parkinson’s and Falling

Gentog Parkinson's Club:  We are not doctors, and we don’t claim to be experts on Parkinson’s Disease.  But we live with the disease day in and day out, and we have a few observations we’d like to share with the world. Falling is a fact of life for me.  This disease makes me weaker than I
Parkinson's Club

Gentog Parkinson’s Club

We now have a Parkinson's Club at Gentog.  This is specifically for people with PD that attend our program.  We spend a couple of days a week at Gentog, giving us a place to be and giving our spouses some time for themselves.  Since we're already here and participating in games and exercise and visiting,

TriMet Drivers Rock!

I tell all new clients that our TriMet Lift service is awesome...that it's convenient and safe and a great way to get their loved one to our program. I also always mention that the drivers are wonderful, we see many of them daily, and I'm impressed with their level of service every day. Today, one of
Family Caregivers, Gram Helen's Story

Doll Therapy

Gram is slowing down, and her heart is starting to fail. This causes her pain, and when she has pain, she gets a little naughty. She is cranky with caregivers and other residents when she is in that pain, and it makes life a little difficult. Recently, the wife on another resident brought in