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Reminisce With Me

I recently wrote an article for the Newberg Graphic Insiders Column called Reminisce With Me.  It offers suggestions on how to spend quality time with someone you love that lives with dementia. Some of my favorite memories with my Gram were times that we sat together and looked through photos on my iPad.  Sometimes they were
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Book for Daddy

My Daddy has Parkinson's.  It is slowly taking away everything.  His eyesight is failing.  His walking has become very difficult...he uses a walker always, and will probably need to use a wheelchair in the near future.  He has difficulty completing basic tasks of daily living.  In the evenings even his thinking fails him, and he
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Bring Back the Fun – A Note From Helen

Finding the fun with people with dementia? Impossible, you think? Not so fast, buster! My granddaughter has recently written a book about just that. She probably thinks those ideas are all hers...but they aren't. I've taught her to have fun all of her life. She used to call me her fun grandma. Think it was the