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It’s Not All Fun & Games!

Intergenerational Yoga
Gentog’s Adult Day Program provides a structured day for persons with dementia.  This structure includes opportunities for exercise and activities that help to strengthen and maintain mental and physical health.  Daily RoutinesPeople with dementia do best with a consistent daily routine. Having structure to the day gives needed predictability and stability when their mind is
Intergenerational Activities

Play is Good for Young AND Old

We've always known it.  Play is good for young and old.  Children learn new skills, Seniors practice old skills.  Both enjoy the exercise benefits and have fun.  Both practice problem solving.  Both laugh.  You don't have to study this to know it's good and it's right. But if you DO need to study this.  If you'd
Intergenerational Activities

Halloween Intergenerational Craft Project

When we sit down to do artwork or a craft with our seniors, we don't always know what we'll end up with!  Our end products are not always perfect...but our mantra is "It's not about the product, it's about the process".  We're OK if the end product isn't beautiful, as long as we had fun