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It’s Not All Fun & Games!

Intergenerational Yoga
Gentog’s Adult Day Program provides a structured day for persons with dementia.  This structure includes opportunities for exercise and activities that help to strengthen and maintain mental and physical health.  Daily RoutinesPeople with dementia do best with a consistent daily routine. Having structure to the day gives needed predictability and stability when their mind is
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Farewell, George!

Today I attended a Celebration of Life for our friend George.  While he only attended Gentog for 6 months - and it's been three years since he left our program, he made a definite impact.  He was a professor by trade, and he brought that spirit to Gentog every day.  He was our only participant
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I Love You, Bob

I love you, Bob I have had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing woman who runs an adult day program in our state. She is passionate about helping the seniors in her town, and it all began with a desire to keep her own husband happy as he faced dementia. She recently
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Bob Jones – My Inspiration

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignnone" width="300"] Is there a treasure in that pocket, Grandpa Bob?[/caption] Before Gentog opened it's doors it was a dream.  It took several months of planning to figure out what kind of business Murt and I would build.  We knew we wanted to do it, but it was scary to leave the security of