Reminders of Mom

I am blessed to live in the house that belonged to my parents. As such, every now and then when I open a cupboard door, a snippet of their lives falls out. This morning I found this scrap of paper on the kitchen counter. It is such a great description of the life

Gratitude Book for Moms

9 years ago I participated in a writing project - a book titled "Celebrating Moms and Motherhood", a Gratitude Book Project. I stumbled on the book this week in my mother's things. Finding my story made me smile. I hope it will do the same for you...A Reminder from GodI sit in


As Christians, we are taught from an early age that it's better to give than to receive.  I get that one...and I've tried to live it always.  This year, however, my Christmas lesson was to learn to be a gracious receiver of gifts. Our business is growing, and we are so confident that we are doing what God
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A Bold Leap of Faith

I don't usually buy the "Dummy" know the ones that explain things for Dummy's.  It's not because they aren't well written, easy to understand and extremely helpful.  They are usually all of those things.  It just bugs me to buy something that calls me a dummy. So I'm standing in the line at the grocery
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If God Brings You To It…Part 2

In our first 2 ½ years of business we’ve been very blessed.  We’ve received financing when we needed it.  We’ve received surprise donations of furniture or craft supplies.  We are blessed by new clients that come through our doors because they’ve heard from a friend that ours is a very special place.  Volunteers come to
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If God Brings You To It

"If God brings you to it, he'll bring you through it."  My parents gave me a card with that phrase on it shortly after we opened Gentog.  I have it on my bulletin board, and I pause to read it often.  Starting a business is not easy.  Starting a business as 2 women over 50