Gentog History

Marcie’s Masks

This project is completed.  Masks are no longer available. 

A message from Marcie Jones, Gentog owner:

In April 2020 I began sewing facemasks to help our community fight COVID-19.  Originally I was sewing for my family and for the staff, children and seniors.  As time wore on, people realized that mask wearing will be with us for a while, and we need mask wardrobes!  So I kept sewing.

People started offering to pay for masks, and I decided that I couldn’t take money for this project.  It is a labor of love and of gratitude…while COVID-19 has had many negative impacts on our society, Gentog has been blessed with funding sources and good health.  Cathy suggested that if I didn’t want money for Gentog, perhaps we should raise money for charity, and Marcie’s Masks Fundraisers were born.

I decided to raise money for charities that align with my values and those of Gentog.   We raised more than $25,000 for our community.   The project is over now, as need for masks has diminished…but what a fun project this was!   Here are the specifics:

Good Neighbor Center – $400 raised in 2022

Columbia Bank’s Warm Hearts Winter Drive – $1535 raised in Nov/Dec.   

 All funds raised for the Warm Hearts Winter Drive go directly to shelters and relief organizations in our community.  We supported the Tigard Branch’s efforts, as that is our community (and the manager is my daughter-in-law!).

 Huntington’s Disease Society of America – $1764 raised in Sep/Oct
When we opened Gentog, we ran into issues with a contractor that left in the middle of the project (taking lots of our funds with him).  When we needed help to finish the project, our dear friend Roger Hay stepped up, brought a friend and finished the job.  Now, nearly 14 years later, Roger is facing a major battle with Huntington’s Disease.  It’s my honor to raise some funds on his behalf.

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School – $3140 raised in Aug/Sep

In honor of finally going back to in-person school, I raised some extra funds for my grandsons’ school.

My Cousin – Debbie Kicks Cancer GoFundMe – $2270 Apr-Jul 2021
Things just got personal.  My lovely cousin is now fighting Breast Cancer.  So as we continue to work together to fight COVID19 by wearing masks, all proceeds for my masks will be directed to her Debbie Kicks Cancer GoFundMe account.  

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center – $575 in March 2021
VGMHC provides high quality, comprehensive and culturally appropriate primary health care to the communities of Washington and Yamhill Counties with a special emphasis on migrant and seasonal farmworkers and others with barriers to receiving health care.   

Rebuilding Together Washington County – $1369 in Jan/Feb 2021
This volunteer organization has a mission of providing home repairs to low-income homeowners in Washington County.  Traditionally their major volunteer weekend happens at the end of April.  Here’s hoping that our fundraiser can help fund a great project as our community celebrates the conquering of COVID 19 this spring!   

Good Neighbor Center – $2251 in December 2020
This family shelter is located in Tigard, OR.  It’s been a favorite place to volunteer for my family for more than 20 years.  The shelter offers a safe place for families as they transition to permanent housing.  They do important work in our community…let’s do what we can to support them!  

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion Charter School – $4360 in November 2020
This amazing school in Beaverton makes my heart happy!  My original college major was Spanish, and I’m thrilled that my grandsons attend this school.  Gentog is currently offering a bilingual learning support program for some of the Arco Iris students.  We were happy to include Arco Iris in our fundraising efforts.  Go Jaguars!

Bridge Meadows – $2000+ in October 2020

This organization is near to my heart for a variety of reasons.  I adopted a daughter from foster care, and she was lucky enough to experience the love of many grandparents in our family.  This community creates that same opportunity to build “families” in an intergenerational setting for children in foster care and it offers older adults an opportunity to make a difference and to interact with younger people daily.  What could be better?

Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon – $3300+ raised in September 2020
My Daddy lived with Parkinson’s, and we looked to PRO for information on that disease, as well as exercise classes for him.  How he loved exercising with Laura Lou!

Meals on Wheels People – $2700+ raised in July and August 2020
Because no senior should go hungry or experience social isolation.  This was a favorite place for my mom when she was able to volunteer.