Gratitude Book for Moms

9 years ago I participated in a writing project – a book titled “Celebrating Moms and Motherhood”, a Gratitude Book Project. I stumbled on the book this week in my mother’s things. Finding my story made me smile. I hope it will do the same for you…

A Reminder from God

I sit in my bedroom, going through boxes of mementos, thinking about my essay on motherhood. I come across a slip of paper filled with the words from 24 years ago, and I smile as I see how I felt as a young mother. It was one of those days that every mother of a 2-year-old dreads: Alex “helped” me cook and broke the casserole dish. We practiced for hours on the potty chair with no results – and the bath water turned yellow as soon as he sat down. Watermelon flew at dinner. I nearly broke my foot on a block in the middle of the living room. My patience was nearly gone by bedtime.

As my son cuddled against me before falling asleep, he smiled, eyes half-closed, and said, “Fun day. Thank you.” All the distress melted away, no match for the love that welled up inside of me.

Does a 2-year-old understand every sentence he says? It doesn’t matter. God does, and every now and then He sends just the right message through. Yes, Alex, it was a fun day. I love you even more today than yesterday. You are my special boy! And thank you, God, for the reminder.

It’s been a lot of years since I wrote that, and even more since I experienced it…but I remember the feeling so clearly. Nothing like the love that you have for your children. Happy Mother’s Day.

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