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PD Club – Parkinson’s and Falling

Gentog Parkinson’s Club:  We are not doctors, and we don’t claim to be experts on Parkinson’s Disease.  But we live with the disease day in and day out, and we have a few observations we’d like to share with the world.

Falling is a fact of life for me.  This disease makes me weaker than I used to be.  Sometimes my muscles just don’t work the way I want them to.  My balance is often off.  The result?  I’m going to fall sometimes.  When that happens, this is how I’d like the situation to be handled:

  • I may be cranky at first. I may cuss and swear (don’t worry if I cuss…worry if I’m quiet!)  I may not want to talk about how I got to the ground right away.  Give me a minute to be mad that I’ve fallen…again.
  • Please don’t rush to help me up. Stop for a minute and let me catch my breath.  (OK, if I’m in the middle of I-5 and there is traffic whizzing by, or if there is a fire threatening to overtake me, then get me the heck off the ground.  But if my life isn’t in danger, please stop for a minute.)
  • Check for damage. Is there a lot of blood?  Is there likely to be a broken bone?  If the answer is yes, I may need you to call 9-1-1.  If the answer is no, I’m OK to stay on the floor for a few minutes.
  • Let me try to get up on my own. I may take a while.  I may take a long while.  I may need you to move a chair or my walker near me so I can get up.  But, really, let me try to do this by myself.  I need to be independent and I need for YOU not to get hurt in this process.
  • If I really can’t do it, I will ask for help. I promise.
  • We can talk about why I fell once I’m up and resting in my favorite chair. Maybe there is something that needs to be moved or changed to make me safer.  Or maybe I just fell.  We’ll figure it out and move on with the day.
  • Thanks for caring, by the way. And thanks for letting me do what I can.