TriMet Drivers Rock!

I tell all new clients that our TriMet Lift service is awesome…that it’s convenient and safe and a great way to get their loved one to our program. I also always mention that the drivers are wonderful, we see many of them daily, and I’m impressed with their level of service every day.

Today, one of the drivers was especially great, so I had to write about it!

One of our ladies spends a good portion of her day holding her “baby” – such a calming way to spend time. (See my previous blog about doll therapy if you’re interested.) Now, she is not happy if she is holding the baby when it’s time to go home and she has to hand it over to one of us. We usually work around this…30 minutes before her bus is due, one of the staff will gently offer to take the baby to change her and put her down for a nap. That usually works, and the baby is quickly forgotten as soon as it is out of sight. Today, though, someone had forgotten to collect the baby before the bus showed up. Our little grandma was NOT happy about leaving her baby behind, and she was just about to put up quite a fuss. A Gentog staff member explained that she would put the baby down for the night, as it wouldn’t be safe for the baby to ride the bus without a carseat. Before our grandma could fuss further, this wonderful TriMet driver crooked his elbow, placed her hand there and began to guide her to the door. As they were walking, he calmly said “You know what? Tomorrow I will be sure to bring a carseat for your baby. Tonight, though, these ladies will take good care of her. They are wonderful like that.” Our grandma smiled, and walked out the door. Magic!

I was so impressed with his quick thinking, with his skill in moving the conversation, with his gentle attitude. Stellar performance, young man! Like I always say, “TriMet Drivers Rock!!”