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Bring Back the Fun – A Note From Helen

Finding the fun with people with dementia? Impossible, you think? Not so fast, buster!

My granddaughter has recently written a book about just that. She probably thinks those ideas are all hers…but they aren’t. I’ve taught her to have fun all of her life. She used to call me her fun grandma. Think it was the Cinderella watch I gave her when she was 8? Or maybe just that I was always young and fun and full of laughter.

When my life changed, and my brain began to get fuzzy, I still wanted to have fun. So I continued to live my life and enjoy it, no matter what. And I like to think that I’m still teaching her a thing or two about having fun. When she wrote her book, she decided to write like it was me telling you what I’d like to do. She thinks that she knows what I like. Usually she does…but don’t tell her I told you that. Anyway, since she used my “voice” to tell the story, I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

Hey, and she used lots of pictures of me and my friends at Gentog. You can see when you look at them that we really can still have lots of fun. So if you’re feeling a little lost in this whole dementia caregiver thing, or if you’re just looking for some new ideas, go check out her book.

Right now you can get it on Kindle (she’ll have to tell you about that part…I haven’t the foggiest notion what that means). In the coming weeks it will also be out in paperback form…that I can understand. You can get the book

What are you waiting for? Go buy a book and start having some fun!!!

Love, Gram Helen

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