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Gram is slowing down, and her heart is starting to fail. This causes her pain, and when she has pain, she gets a little naughty. She is cranky with caregivers and other residents when she is in that pain, and it makes life a little difficult. Recently, the wife on another resident brought in
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I Love You, Bob

I love you, Bob I have had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing woman who runs an adult day program in our state. She is passionate about helping the seniors in her town, and it all began with a desire to keep her own husband happy as he faced dementia. She recently
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Bring Back the Fun – A Note From Helen

Finding the fun with people with dementia? Impossible, you think? Not so fast, buster! My granddaughter has recently written a book about just that. She probably thinks those ideas are all hers...but they aren't. I've taught her to have fun all of her life. She used to call me her fun grandma. Think it was the