A Note From My Sister

I’m working away today…trying to get the company bills paid and preparing to do a presentation about Gentog.  Then I see a notation that I have a message in Facebook…better go check it out.

My sister Julie lives in Germany.  She’s married to a German man that she adores, and she’s happy to be with him.  But of all the kids in the family, I think she was the closest to our parents as a young adult, and it was definitely hard to leave them behind to start a life in Germany so many years ago.  This week our older brother and his wife are visiting us, and that makes Julie think about being here too.  Here is what she wrote:

Am a wee bit jealous that you all are together this week…I would love to have come home. Our employees all get 4 weeks of vacation a year. We get 1. Life is not really too fair, eh? And, I would love to say, Gert, lets fly home for that week…but again, we can’t do that. But, we have to count the blessings we have in life.

We have a roof over our heads and the soil is not ruined like in japan. I have a husband that kisses my hand at night before going to sleep and I find that so darned touching! I’m getting older, but am in fairly good health…and so is he. We have tons of candy to eat and champagne to drink and nacho chips because I order it wholesale!    Both our parents (you and me I mean) are still alive…and our grandma! We all like each other! And, I have red shoes. So, I guess my life is not soooo bad. OH and a pink sweater…gram would think that was important! And, we stay connected with this lovely invention facebook! So! One of these days, possibly God will smile on us all and we will find ourselves all together again, playing games and enjoying the sun and possibly (?) the ocean somewhere?

We will have patience…and we will always be together in our hearts. Every day and every hour of those days…because we are sisters. And that is a very strong bond! I love you more than I can put in words. You were my hero as a little kid; you are my friend as we are almost the same age now (you didn’t age past 51 did you?) and maybe later? We will live at the ocean together and reminisce about our long, fulfilling lives and those great loves we had. But, that time is later, and I am not going to rush forward. I have spent so many years rushing ahead, trying to get past this or that…and now, I realize, I rushed through half of my life!? I’m going to start just enjoying each day!  Wow. I am pretty smart now that I’m almost as old as you!   lol 

Yes, Julie, you are getting pretty smart now that you’re almost as old as me.  I love you!!