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To My Caregiver – A Poem

To My Caregiver – A Poem by Marcie Jones

When my eyesight fades and my hearing muffles,
My hands don’t work well and my feet only shuffle,
You are here.

When my memory dims and I dwell in years gone by,
I ask the same questions or I just sit and sigh,
Still you are here.

When I need help to stand and the bathroom’s too far,
When I want to go places, but I can’t drive my car,
Thank goodness you are here.

I know it’s not easy to see me this way,
When I don’t remember the things that you say,
But, still you are here.

I may not express it, but my feelings are true.
I’ve been blessed with an angel, and that angel is YOU.
Thank God you are here.