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What a Difference a Day Makes

Caring for someone with dementia is like riding a very scary roller coaster.  This weekend we were heading very quickly down with Gram.  While staying at Mom's house, she became very ill.  Mom called me to let me know that they were headed to the hospital.  I was at work, and told her I'd be
Family Caregivers

To My Caregiver – A Poem

To My Caregiver - A Poem by Marcie Jones When my eyesight fades and my hearing muffles, My hands don't work well and my feet only shuffle, You are here. When my memory dims and I dwell in years gone by, I ask the same questions or I just sit and sigh, Still you are here. When I need help to stand
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A Bold Leap of Faith

I don't usually buy the "Dummy" know the ones that explain things for Dummy's.  It's not because they aren't well written, easy to understand and extremely helpful.  They are usually all of those things.  It just bugs me to buy something that calls me a dummy. So I'm standing in the line at the grocery