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If God Brings You To It…Part 2

In our first 2 ½ years of business we’ve been very blessed.  We’ve received financing when we needed it.  We’ve received surprise donations of furniture or craft supplies.  We are blessed by new clients that come through our doors because they’ve heard from a friend that ours is a very special place.  Volunteers come to us from the schools to donate their time and talents to help us make every day special for the children and seniors in our care.

Oh, we’ve certainly learned that God will provide for us.  This month has been especially wonderful.  The metal plate on our front door was beginning to lift, and we didn’t have the tools to fix it.  One of our parents noticed it, went to work and sent her crew over to fix it…quickly and free of charge.  We have many inquiries for infant care…but we’ve been limited to only 5 children under the age of 2 ½.  We decided to bite the bullet and bring in contractors to bid on a sprinkler system that would change our building code to allow for more children.  Then suddenly the city inspector received 2 phone calls assuring him that we meet the codes as we are…Murt attended a brief meeting with him, showed him our floor plans, and the limit was lifted…without the need for a $30,000 investment to upgrade anything.  We’ve not even sure of who made the calls or why…but we’re sure that our guardian angels were whispering in someone’s ear!

Just as important as physical assistance has been emotional support.  So many times over the past two years, just as we begin to wonder about the viability of a business like this, a stranger will walk in, take a tour and tell us just how wonderful this concept is.  We’ll receive an email from a client’s wife thanking us for what we do and letting us know what a blessing we are to her.  A daughter will stop in my office to chat after dropping off mom and she’ll tell me how very much her mom enjoys her days here, and what a relief this has been for her personally.  A young mom will visit for a few minutes at the end of the day, and tell us what a blessing it is to leave her son with people she can trust.  A young parent will take the time to stop to visit with our seniors on his way into retrieve his kids…brightening the day for everyone.

So many blessings and reminders happen regularly, that I have no doubts.  We are doing God’s work here, and He will provide for our needs.