Gentog Children

God Bless You, Little Ryan

Everyday I come to work at Gentog, and I interact with children, seniors and family members.  Every Saturday my husband and I attend mass at St. Anthony's Catholic Church and I interact with friends and neighbors.  Most days are routine.  Some days are special. Last Saturday when Jim and I arrived at mass we saw that
Family Caregivers, Gram Helen's Story

Family Caregivers Must Live in the Moment

Since opening Gentog, I've learned a little bit about being around people with dementia.  I've learned that it takes patience and calm and love to communicate with them.  I've learned that you shouldn't take negative moments personally.  When you're dealing with someone else's spouse or parent or grandparent that's pretty easy stuff. Since Gram came to
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Bob Jones – My Inspiration

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignnone" width="300"] Is there a treasure in that pocket, Grandpa Bob?[/caption] Before Gentog opened it's doors it was a dream.  It took several months of planning to figure out what kind of business Murt and I would build.  We knew we wanted to do it, but it was scary to leave the security of
Family Caregivers, Gram Helen's Story

Gram’s First Gentog Days

The first few days with Gram at my house were not as easy as I thought they'd be.  The plan was that Gram would stay with me during the week and attend Gentog.  Perfect solution.  She's an elderly woman with dementia and an injury that needs healing...I own an adult daycare.  What could be more
Family Caregivers, Gram Helen's Story

Grandma Lives Here

I worked in nursing homes as a teenager and young adult.  After a 29 year unrelated career, I wanted to start a business that served seniors.  I chose Adult Daycare, and because I wanted to start the business with my best friend (who wanted to work with children), we decided to open an Intergenerational Daycare