Reminders of Mom

I am blessed to live in the house that belonged to my parents. As such, every now and then when I open a cupboard door, a snippet of their lives falls out. This morning I found this scrap of paper on the kitchen counter. It is such a great description of the life
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It’s Not All Fun & Games!

Intergenerational Yoga
Gentog’s Adult Day Program provides a structured day for persons with dementia.  This structure includes opportunities for exercise and activities that help to strengthen and maintain mental and physical health.  Daily RoutinesPeople with dementia do best with a consistent daily routine. Having structure to the day gives needed predictability and stability when their mind is
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Marcie’s Masks

This project is completed.  Masks are no longer available.  A message from Marcie Jones, Gentog owner: In April 2020 I began sewing facemasks to help our community fight COVID-19.  Originally I was sewing for my family and for the staff, children and seniors.  As time wore on, people realized that mask wearing will be with us for

Gratitude Book for Moms

9 years ago I participated in a writing project - a book titled "Celebrating Moms and Motherhood", a Gratitude Book Project. I stumbled on the book this week in my mother's things. Finding my story made me smile. I hope it will do the same for you...A Reminder from GodI sit in
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Missing My Mom

It's been 2 weeks since my mama left this earth. The last 14 days have been a whirlwind of making arrangements for her memorial and burial, of rearranging the house just enough for Dad's comfort without losing her personal touches, of being with family.   The first part of life without Mom is behind me. Now I
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Reminisce With Me

I recently wrote an article for the Newberg Graphic Insiders Column called Reminisce With Me.  It offers suggestions on how to spend quality time with someone you love that lives with dementia. Some of my favorite memories with my Gram were times that we sat together and looked through photos on my iPad.  Sometimes they were
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Farewell, George!

Today I attended a Celebration of Life for our friend George.  While he only attended Gentog for 6 months - and it's been three years since he left our program, he made a definite impact.  He was a professor by trade, and he brought that spirit to Gentog every day.  He was our only participant